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Strapping, Lashing, Buckles and Tools from X-Pak will have all your transportation needs covered.

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Why Use X-Pak Products?

X-Pak, Australia’s trusted strapping supplier, provides clients across the country with the best and latest in strapping, lashing and tooling systems. Our product range is sourced from industry-leading manufacturers and complemented by expert advice, training and on-site product demonstrations. Here’s why our products stand out:

  • Safe for both user & receiver
  • Internationally certified
  • National service backup
  • Free site consultations
  • Prevents product damage
  • Quick & Easy to use

Transportation Strapping, Lashing & Tooling System

X-Pak Composite Cord Strapping

The X-Pak Strapping system is the latest in strapping technology. This UV coated fibre strapping utilises galvanised metal buckles in a...

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Cargo Lashing Straps for Export

The X-Pak Lashing Systems help those securing cargo providing an extremely strong, flexible & certified cargo securing system....

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Dunnage Bags

The new X-Pak Dunnage Bags provide Australia's export & logistics industry with a fast, cost effective & secure form of dunnage....

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Steel Strapping

Our premium steel strapping has been manufactured to the highest quality standards. We have a full range of steel strapping...

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PET Strapping

Polyester or PET Strapping is becoming one of Australia’s favourite safe replacements for steel strapping. It’s strong, lightweight and easy to use...

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About X-Pak

X-Pak is a family owned and operated company based in Tamworth, NSW. Our company started with a vision to become the go-to supplier of specialised strapping and lashing systems across Australia, while also providing the local industry with strapping and wrapping products. X-Pak consists of a dedicated team of experts who possess a wealth of experience and lend their expertise to meet our client’s strapping and lashing requirements across various industries.

we have your every securing need covered