How to Inflate a Dunnage Air Bag.

Inflating Dunnage Air Bags for containers

Within the market,  dunnage air bags are made of the same essential components; however, manufacturers make different choices regarding valves and connections. Choosing the right bag and valve setup for your team is important. Types of Air Bags Inflators: Inflator Gun A dunnage bag inflator gun is a traditional device that connects an air compressor […]

What Size Dunnage Bag Do I need?

Dunnage Bags

What to consider. Dunnage bags are a load securement staple within various Australian industries, particularly the Food and Beverage Industry, and keep cargo and other items from shifting during transit. They are also referred to as airbags, air cushions, and cargo inflatable bags. They come in a variety of different sizes, depending on how much […]