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The X-Pak cargo strapping & lashing systems offer clients across Australia with a quality, safe & certified product range. Backed up with a variety of industry leading products our expert technical staff can provide training, advice & on site product demonstrations! The X-Pak range is a must for exporters, logistics, mining & project driven industries requiring a unique, modern & cost effective cargo securing solution. X-Pak products are safe for both user & receiver whilst ultimately providing clients with damage free transportation of their products. The team at X-Pak spend significant time in front of their client base in order to help them achieve the ultimate in strapping or lashing systems. From the hustle and bustle of larger cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to remote sites & locations like Darwin, Perth or even Papua New Guinea! View the interesting case studies below from our experience in the field!



The X-Pak™ Strapping system is used with its very own unique galvanized buckle system. For many other woven or composite systems, the buckles aren’t high tensile or galvanized – causing them to either become deformed when under tension or rust in adverse weather conditions. Recently, an X-Pak™ site rep noticed a skid that had to be re-strapped by one of our clients due to the faulty poly woven strapping it arrived strapped in!


Many large clients across Australia waste thousands of dollars per year on ratchet tie downs rather than use a good quality lashing system to secure their goods for transport. Check out this case study and the images on the right for some examples of wasted ratchet straps! If you're using ratchet straps to secure items inside shipping containers or on flat racks the XL2300 or XL5000 lashing system are worth a look at. Most ratchet straps cost between $10 and $30 so are very expensive if you aren't likely to see them back.


The Australian defence sector has a huge supply chain network. Many sectors of this network require armaments to be strapped and secured for transport. Most areas were using the steel banding which is obviously a hazard when transporting such fragile and potentially lethal loads. The X-Pak 19 and 32mm strapping was tested on some 'dud' military items as shown in the images. Australian defence safety and logistical personnel prefer a non metallic strapping to be used where possible. The image on the right is the 32mm corded strapping on 2 x 2000lb bombs.


The mining industry is a large source of income for the Australian economy. We assist many clients in the mining industry strap and lash a variety of products. From smaller mining equipment spare parts to large equipment requiring lashing for overseas transport, we have it all covered!
This particular client is located in Western Australia and exports their machinery and equipment all over the world. Prior to changing across to the X-Pak 8500Kg rated lashing they were using ratchet straps and chain. The key reasons they changed across were:
1) Much more cost effective
2) Allowed them to lash those 'hard to get to' areas on their equipment
3) Was an action approved by their marine surveyor


With construction and mining booms across the country many industries require a good quality and safe strapping system to secure their parts to pallets.
The X-Pak Cord Strapping is the perfect alternative to steel strapping in this industry. Its safer, just as strong and maintains superior tension.
This client is located in NSW and supplies the domestic and export markets with their earthmoving and mining equipment spare parts. Their range of products varies from Caterpillar engines to grader ware plates or bucket teeth.
Our client made the change to X-Pak strapping as they were recommended to do so by several of their mining clients. The X-Pak Strap was their only alternative to steel that has the strength rating to secure their heavy items properly.


We recently had to provide testing to a client to show the differences between the composite (cord) strapping and poly woven type strapping for a manufacturer of conveyor products for the mining industry.
The poly woven strapping was a Chinese manufactured product and looked on under normal tension. When higher tension was applied the buckles became deformed and twisted. The X-Pak composite (cord) strapping remained rigid. This proved the importance of a quality high tensile buckle and showed the client the importance of a quality join. After all it's the weakest point on the strapping.
For any strapping tests or comparisons feel free to call one of our team today. It doesn't pay every time to compare price and quality!

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