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How Metal-Tech Industries Benefits from using X-Pak’s Composite Strap

The X-Pak composite strapping solution results in the following:

Identifying the Issue with Steel Strapping

The company previously used 19mm steel strapping, steel strapping seals and a combination of 3 tools to crimp, tension and cut the steel strapping. This system was unsafe (due to the sharp edges on the steel strap and the possibility of dangerous recoil). It was also inefficient, as the worker using the steel had to prepare with PPE, such as gloves and safety glasses.

Using a combination of three tools the strapping process took a lot longer.

The steel strapping was also rubbing against and scratching the powder-coated or polished product, and if left in the weather, it would begin to rust and leave marks on the product.

X-Pak Corded Strap Solution Proposed

Metal Tech Industries

A 19mm X-Pak Strapping system uses a galvanized buckle and one tool to both tension and cut the strapping; no crimper is required.

Load details:

Making the Switch – Securing the Metal Sheets to the Pallet

After placing the goods onto the pallet, the first step is to place one strap around the sheet metal. For this, we used 19mm composite strapping and galvanised buckles. The system strength is 864kg. Typically, for a pallet weight of up to 800kg, two straps are used to safely secure the goods to the pallet.

  • Quantity X-Pak Strapping used to secure one pallet: Approx 6 metres.
  • Quantity buckles used: 2 buckles.
Time and Manpower Used Consumables Used

- 1 worker

- No prep time required

- Total Time spent: 3 minutes

- 6 meters of 19mm composite strapping
(system strength 864kg), 2 x 19mm galvanised buckles.

-To tension and cut the strapping, one standard tensioner was used.

Immediate Results

Steel Vs Corded Strap Comparison

Previous Method X-Pak Method

- Prep work - PPE

- Unsafe Practices used

- Three tools used

- No PPE required

- Safe working area

- One tool used

Metal-Tech Industries Feedback

The staff from this company were impressed with the safety and ease of use of the X-Pak strapping. They were also impressed with how fast they could use the strapping, along with their customers who received the goods and didn’t have to be extra cautious when cutting the straps in case of recoil.

“Easy and simple to secure the load. X-Pak strapping is our go-to strap when securing loads.” – Ben

Metal Tech Industries

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