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Identifying the Issue with Steel Strapping

After reviewing the company’s strapping system, it was found that the use of 19mm steel strapping, steel strapping seals, and two tools for crimping and tensioning the strapping presented several challenges.

In addition to compromising safety, the system was also marking the goods during transportation. The utilization of steel strapping was causing scratch marks and paint removal from the excavator attachments, which was deemed unacceptable for any business committed to upholding the quality and aesthetics of its products.

Furthermore, the rusting of the steel strapping was causing damage to the products, and there was an element of risk to the safety of the workers involved in the strapping process. Improper handling of steel strapping poses a substantial risk and raises significant concern for the company’s operations.

The steel strapping system caused delays in the securing process due to the need for two separate tools. One tool was utilised for tensioning the strapping, while another was required to crimp the seal onto the strapping. This necessitated a tool switch midway through the securing process, resulting in a time-consuming and inefficient procedure. Implementing an enhanced strapping solution would significantly improve this process.

Therefore, we recommended that the company consider alternative strapping options that are safer, more efficient, and provide better protection for their products during transit.

The proposed solution – “X-Pak Strapping” 

X Pak Cord Strap

A 25mm X-Pak Strapping system was proposed, using a galvanized buckle and one tool to both tension and cut the strapping, no crimper required.

Load details:

Securing the excavator buckets to the Pallet

When transporting or storing excavator buckets, it’s important to secure them safely to a pallet to prevent any damage or accidents. To do this, we used 25mm composite strapping and galvanized buckles.

Initially, the components were positioned on the pallet, and a single strap was wrapped around them to fasten them securely to the left side of the pallet. This system has a capacity of 1414kg, allowing it to accommodate heavy loads. To ensure thorough security, we replicated this procedure on the opposite side of the bucket, effectively securing it from both directions.

To secure one pallet of excavator buckets, we used approximately 8-10 meters of X-Pak strapping and 2 buckles. It takes one worker about 4 minutes to complete the whole process without any preparation time.

In summary, by using this simple and efficient method, Salmon Buckets are able to transport and store their buckets safely and with ease.

  • Quantity X-Pak Strapping used to secure one pallet: 8 to 10 metres.
  • Quantity buckles used: 2 buckles.
Time and Manpower Used Consumables Used

- 1 worker

- No prep time required

- Total Time spent: 4 minutes

- 8 to 10 meters of 25mm composite X-pak strapping
(system strength 1,414kg), 2 x 25mm galvanised buckles.

-To tension and cut the strapping, one standard tensioner was used.
X Pak Cord Strap
Safe Alternative to Steel Strap

Steel vs Composite Strapping for Salmon Buckets

Previous Method X-Pak Method

- Prep work - PPE

- Unsafe to use for operators

- Three tools used

-Straps were coming off during transport

-Products were marked with the straps

- No PPE required

- More strength than steel straps

- Safer (no cuts to operators)

- Cheaper than steel strapping

- One tool used

-Less wastage than steel strapping

-No marks to the buckets

Major benefits 

Steel strapping

Salmon Buckets Testimonial

The staff from Salmon Buckets found the X-Pak strapping to be a great option for securing their products during transportation. They were impressed with the safety and cost-effectiveness of the strapping, as well as the fact that it didn’t leave marks on their products. This significantly reduced their expenses for damaged goods.

The team was also concerned about the strength and security of their products during transportation. However, after using the X-Pak strapping, they were pleasantly surprised that it exceeded their expectations. The strapping provided a secure hold that kept their products in place, preventing any damage during transit.

In summary, the X-Pak strapping was a great solution for this company, offering both safety and cost-effectiveness. 

“Easy and simple to use, our products don’t get marks and our operators are safe when using X-Pak Strapping.” – Travis

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