Different Types of Cargo Strapping

Cargo strapping, also known as pallet strapping or bundling, is the practice of banding objects together to form a single and secured unit for shipping. It is an effective supply chain management process, which results in significant long-term cost savings. Businesses sometimes overlook the potential benefits of cargo securement due to their lack of knowledge […]

How to Secure Chemicals into Containers for Export


Restraining chemicals, Dangerous Goods (DG’s) or IBC’s into shipping containers for export is an essential step in the supply chain for many manufacturers throughout Australia. Many chemicals come in the form of liquids, granules or powder and are likely to have a devastating effect on human lives and the environment if released during transit. It […]

Benefits of Tensioners for Strapping Small Bundles

Strapping for the constructions sector Port Fremantle

A common issue in many industries is the inability to secure small, round bundles with sufficient tension. Many strapping tools have too large a footplate which means the strap is tight when tensioning but becomes loose when the tensioning device is removed. Specialised strapping tools are designed to correctly strap pipe bundles, timber and other […]

X-Pak Strapping – The Best Alternative to Steel Strapping.

Steel strapping

Strapping is undoubtedly a vital part of packing and logistical industries and perhaps one of the most versatile products for securing loads worldwide. Unfortunately, both supply and demand for strapping products dropped sharply in 2020 with international covid lockdowns. In June 2021, many economies are recovering, and international trade is booming to make up the […]