Why CARGO-LASH is Exporters 1st Choice for Cargo Transport.

Cargo lash securing heavy machinery in Newcastle's Port

CARGO-LASH is a high-quality load securement system made from soft, poly-woven material. The system was designed for tying down heavy cargo for transport. Due to its versatility, this cargo lashing system is suitable for securing products onto flat racks, inside containers and on ships. Preventing damage is easy with a quality lashing system. When properly […]

X-Pak Strapping – The Best Alternative to Steel Strapping.

Steel strapping

Strapping is undoubtedly a vital part of packing and logistical industries and perhaps one of the most versatile products for securing loads worldwide. Unfortunately, both supply and demand for strapping products dropped sharply in 2020 with international covid lockdowns. In June 2021, many economies are recovering, and international trade is booming to make up the […]