Dunnage Airbag Features

Published 11th July 2019

Dunnage Airbag Features

X-Pak supplies a full range of dunnage bags ranging from level 1 through to level 5. Our bags are a perfect securement solution for all modes of transport – from sea containers and Intermodal transport through to trucks and railcars. The X-Pak range of sunnage bags can be custom manufactured to your specific requirements.

How to choose the right dunnage bags:

Our range of dunnage bags will have your specific product and mode of transport covered. Dunnage Airbags perform best when the pressure force of the bag exerted on the load is equal to, or greater than the weight of the product. In order to achieve this, the bag needs to have as much surface contact with the product as possible. Call our friendly team today for a site visit and recommendation on a specific bag for your application to ensure the safe arrival of your cargo.

Quality Control:

Every bag we manufacture is pressure tested to ensure the product specifications are met.