How to, tips and training videos for Composite/Cord Strapping

Published 13th February 2018

How to, tips and training videos for Composite/Cord Strapping

Here’s one of the most common phone calls we get from new strapping users: ‘We have just received our strapping kit from you guys but are unsure how to use it’.

X-Pak has just launched a range of demonstration, tips and training videos for the X-Pak Composite/Cord Strapping range. Using our wealth of experience in front of customers on a regular basis, we have compiled many videos that provide an expert insight into using composite strapping – right from the strapping specialists!

X-Pak believe site training is a must for every user of a new strapping system and visit most new clients within three months of receiving their first order. Your new strapping may very well be safer and more cost effective on paper but if it’s not also user friendly why bother? Training helps us understands clients practical needs and provide a Tailored Solution to ensure their loads are secured safely and with ease.

Our promise to clients we meet is to try & fulfil one of the below common customer requirements when it comes to purchasing new strapping:

  • It’s safer to use
  • It’s easier and faster to use


  • Its more cost effective

Even if you don’t currently purchase your Composite Strapping through X-Pak, feel free to use these videos to improve your confidence or knowledge on how it works. After all, we continually strive to be your Strapping Specialists and become known as Trusted Advisors for the Australian strapping market.

Common questions asked or Googled by composite strapping users:

  • Video of how to use composite strapping
  • How to use a plastic strapping tensioner
  • Cord Strapping video
  • Composite Strapping video

Click HERE for the full range of videos, enjoy watching!