Strapping is everywhere on large construction sites! From bundles of scaffold or formwork to palletised metal parts or road barriers.

We supply our common palletising strap for a range of odd shaped equipment.

Steel strap – when not handled properly – can be dangerous on building sites. It may cause many minor injuries when packs are cut under high tension.

As a leading supplier of palletising straps in civil industries, X-Pak offers strap solutions that meet the demands and challenges of construction sites. Our products not only deliver high performance but also enhance your workplace’s safety and efficiency. By securing your odd-shaped equipment or metal parts with our durable straps, your operations become more streamlined and more productive.

Feel free to contact us today for any enquiries regarding our strapping solutions. To specifically enquire about our palletising straps, call our team today for a demo on your site or back in the yard. You may reach us on 1300 551 281.