Frames and Trusses

The cord strapping from X-Pak is an excellent alternative to steel strapping for those strapping house frames & trusses. The strapping will also secure steel house frames – not just standard timber frames.

The X-Pak Strapping is much lighter than steel and also maintains high tension for frames during transport. It’s also flexible which allows for easier feeding in and around the complicated structure of a pack of house or building frames.

X-Pak Strapping will absorb flex on larger packs and is much more impact resistant than the steel strapping. If you’re looking for a strapping to secure timber or steel house frames give us a call.

“We use mostly X-Pak Strapping and also a little steel strap for our packs of frames & trusses and the boys out the back love it” (Jon – NSW)

Suggested Sizes

03.051 X-Pak Corded Strapping 16mm x 750m Roll 800Kg 2
03.052 X-Pak Corded Strapping 19mm x 500m Roll 1020Kg 2