Logistics has become a prominent industry in Australia with the increase in imported products. X-Pak carries a complete range of strapping and lashing solutions for Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing applications.

Our full range includes composite strapping, steel strapping, polyester strapping, cargo lashing strapstrapping hand tools and dunnage bags. Our solutions are designed to meet some of the biggest logistics strapping challenges and aid in more efficient and high-speed operations.

With a wealth of industry experience and an outstanding range of top-rate strapping solutions, X-Pak is equipped to meet the needs of the logistics and warehouse industry. We can cover all relevant applications and supply you with the most suitable strapping solution.

Logistics Packers

We provide our logistics partners with products and advice in securing standard and non-standard (fragile, heavy, expensive or oddly shaped) products. X-Pak’s strapping products are easy and quick to apply, as well as safer and less damaging to cargo than steel options. To complement your unique strapping requirements, we also offer strapping tools and accessories. Our dunnage bag range is easy to inflate with the latest PAM unit (Portable Air Master) saving you time and creating a much safer working environment.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarders are responsible for tracking inland transportation, the preparation of shipping documents and storage and warehousing. At X-Pak, we have a wide range of high tensile steel strapping and other types of lashing straps to ensure a secure transport for products. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, our products are a suitable option for shipment by land, sea or air.


With the assistance of our dedicated workforce, we can cater to your load and cargo securing requirements. Our heavy-duty lashing is a superior alternative to standard ratchet straps and chains when securing cargo for export.
For more information about how our strapping and lashing systems can benefit your operation, call us today. The team at X-Pak can provide you with expert advice, free onsite consultation and product demonstration.

Our dunnage air bags are also used throughout the exporting industry to protect cargo from damage in transit. Using air bags to fill a container void means less load shift and therefore less risk of product damage.