Oil and Gas

Corded or Composite strapping is the most popular method used to secure items for the oil and gas markets. If its for strapping crucial parts for an oil rig or securing heavy valves to a pallet or skid it’s likely secured with the X-Pak Strapping. From pipework to smaller components and parts, the X-Pak Strapping is the safest solution. Our  32mm strap is also used to secure items inside shipping containers as an alternative to ratchet straps. If you are after a pallet strapping system for an offshore rig you have come to the right place.

“It’s a requirement for us to use a non steel strap as the steel strapping is too dangerous and also rusts in an offshore environment. I found the X-Pak guys great to deal with  on site and their response time was tops” – Arron (Offshore Rig)

Suggested sizes

03.052 X-Pak Cord Strapping 19mm x 500m Roll 2
03.054 X-Pak Cord Strapping 32mm x 300m Roll 2