Lashing Systems for inside containers | X-Pak

Published 5th October 2018

Lashing Systems for inside containers | X-Pak

Looking to source lashing straps to secure items inside shipping containers?

X-Pak are Australia’s leading load security experts and supply, service and provide site training for anything that requires load security! Our range of heavy lashing systems are primarily used inside shipping containers to strap and lash freight for export or interstate travel. On 1st October 2018, the new Chain Of Responsibility (COR) laws changed, meaning companies nationally need to think seriously about correct load restraint methods when shipping.

The X-Pak range of woven and composite lashing straps are fully compliant with Germanischer Lloyd, meaning they are recognized on a global scale by shipping agencies as a safe, secure and certified load securing method.

It’s important all loads are correctly secured in containers and adequate lashing is applied. Container loads of even, palletised product may require a simple cross at the front of your containers, whilst heavy machinery will potentially require a more complex lashing process along with additional dunnage.

The team at X-Pak are up to date with the latest load securing methods and willingly visit site to provide training to ensure you are compliant and using the correct restraint method required. A useful guide provided bu the National Transport Commission is the latest Load Restraint Guide. This provides information and best practice methods to be used when restraining loads for shipping.

If you have any queries on container lashing or how to secure your items inside containers for export, don’t hesitate to give the team a call today. 1300 551 281