Looking Forward to the Melbourne–Brisbane Inland Train

Published 1st March 2017

Looking Forward to the Melbourne–Brisbane Inland Train

As the Australian economy grows, so will the demand for smooth logistics. The country’s infrastructure must continue to develop in order to meet this projected growth. One of the best solutions being put forward is the Melbourne–Brisbane Inland Train. This project, costing $10.7 billion, will create a freight-transportation link between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Here at X-Pak, we provide freight materials such as composite straps, reliable lashing and wrapping materials. Our experience in the logistics industry has shown us that what matters to Australian businesses is not only to get items to their destination but also to get them there safely and on time.

The Inland Train is projected to have a big impact on the freight industry. Here are some of the benefits we can look forward to.

Reduction of Costs

One of the biggest benefits of the railway system will be lowered costs when compared to traditional options for freight movement. Estimates show that shipping by train reduces the cost of per tonne by $10. This makes it a significantly cheaper alternative than more traditional freight methods and will result in more efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods.


Unlike transporting goods by truck, there is no traffic to contend with on the train system. In addition, trains’ more predictable schedules make logistical planning easier. Ideally, the Inland Train will be able to transport goods between Brisbane and Melbourne in under 24 hours.

Lighter Traffic

With fewer trucks on the road, Australian roads and highways should be less congested. This is great news for drivers and truck operators alike, and it is hoped that the decrease in truck traffic will result in fewer road accidents. In a period of 12 months from September 2015 to August 2016, there were 198 fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles in Australia. It is hoped that by moving freight transport to the Inland Train network, this number will fall.

Connecting Businesses for Better Trade

A freight railway system has the potential to reach more people than a road transportation system. This is particularly good news for all industries that depend on smooth and reliable logistics. The benefits of a railway dedicated to freight will be felt by those in the agriculture, manufacturing, and importing sectors, as well as a host of other Australian businesses.

X-Pak, with its commitment to providing high-quality freight safety solutions, looks forward to this government project. As rail prices compete with road shipping, Australians will enjoy a sizeable economic boom.