Packaging Materials and Freight Forwarding: How Can They Ensure Safe and Prompt Shipping?

Published 14th June 2017

Packaging Materials and Freight Forwarding: How Can They Ensure Safe and Prompt Shipping?

The logistics behind shipping can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business — getting your product from one point to another requires careful planning to ensure that it arrives at its destination promptly and intact.

In international trade, importing and exporting becomes even more complicated. This is why many companies turn to freight forwarders to help them sort out the entire shipping process. Freight forwarders are firms that specialise in arranging the storage and shipping of products on behalf of their shippers. They handle all the logistics involved and can streamline the process to ensure a successful shipment.

The Responsibilities of a Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders have many responsibilities, which include tracking inland transportation, the preparation of shipping documents, storage and warehousing, booking cargo space, freight consolidation and charges, and handling insurance.

Freight forwarders are not typically the ones in charge of actually moving your items — they work with several carriers who do the actual moving and oversee them.

Preparation and Packaging Materials

When it comes to preparing an item for transport, the responsibility of packaging it often still goes to the manufacturer or shipper. Here at X-PAK, we provide a wide range of freight materials including high tensile steel strapping and other types of lashing straps so that you can prepare your products for secure transport.

Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, our strapping and lashing is a heavy-duty option for shipment by land, sea or air.

By securing your load properly, you can minimise damage to your products or equipment during transit. A secure load may also minimise delays, as it is easier to load and transport. Just be sure to coordinate with your freight forwarder to ensure that you are packaging each item according to shipping regulations.

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