Pallet strapping supplier in Australia

Published 4th August 2017

Pallet strapping supplier in Australia

There are many companies in Australia now providing general packaging consumables to the Australian market. Items like heat shrink, pallet wrapping and tapes are common items for securing items to pallets.

Why is X-Pak different?

At X-Pak, we have an experienced team of ‘strapping specialists’ that dedicate their time to the latest in strapping technology. We get joy out of helping customers safely secure items to pallets. The transport and logistics industry is growing by the day and more & more freight is moved around by road, rail, sea and air.

As an example, the new X-Pak Strapping (or a specialised Composite Strapping) is used in a huge variety of industries in Australia to safely strap items to pallets. Steel Strapping is slowly fading out with the obvious risks of injury for those using it, or their customers.

Another example is the Export Lashing supplied here at X-Pak. This is an innovative new system with many advantages when strapping products into shipping containers, strapping up heavy items for shipping or for lashing heavy components onto a flat rack for export!

If you are wondering what you should use to strap what on pallets or for any form of shipping, give the team a call. 1300 551 281