Dunnage Bags

The X-Pak range of Dunnage Bags are constructed from 100% virgin, woven material. As a major supplier of dunnage bags in Australia, our air bags are mostly used in trucks, containers and rail carts. We have the ability to custom make our dunnage bags to a size and level of your specification. Our range of bags are manufactured to the highest quality standards and have material data sheets available on request. We supply the local market with Level 0 through to Level 5 dunnage air bags and square bags can be manufactured upon request. The X-Pak Portable AIr Master (PAM) unit is a unique, portable air inflation tool that works in hand with our exclusive range of bags. The PAM unit is a first of its kind. With a 6000Mah rechargeable lithium iron battery, it has a continuous run time of up to 4 hours. The PAM unit put out an extremely powerful 28 CFM  – generally much more efficient than a standard air compressor! Contact one of the X-Pak team today for a free site demonstration.

Our stock sizes (custom bags available on request):

10.005 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 90 x 120cm EACH 75
10.010 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 90 x 180cm EACH 60
10.020 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 120 x 210cm EACH 30
10.040 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 120 x 130cm EACH n/a
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