Specialised Lashing Solutions

X-Pak is a leading supplier of container lashing straps in Australia. The standard lashing is a superior alternative to conventional ratchet straps or chains when securing cargo for export. The lashing range is suitable for securing products inside containers, on flat racks or directly onto ships.

Our cargo lashing straps and buckles are a cost-effective load-securing system. They are made of high-quality, woven polyester fibers. This securing system can be used for heavy, irregularly shaped loads, such as machinery and other equipment.

Export lashing straps allow you to secure your load efficiently, minimising movement during transportation. Flexible and soft, they reduce the risk of damage to your load. They are completely adjustable and have enough tensile strength to secure large items. They are also ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas.

The one-way system uses durable, forged buckles and loads. One end of the belt is looped into the buckle so that it stays taut when under tension, but can be loosened easily when the cargo lashing strap is pushed in the opposite direction.

There is no need for knots, and the buckles will not slip or warp even under immense weight. The polyester lashing is strong, flexible and fully certified. Call us TODAY for your free site visit or demonstration.


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