PET Strapping

The most common replacement for steel strapping is polyester strapping. Polyester is excellent at handling high tension, attaining high break strengths and achieving great elongation and recovery. These properties make it ideal for strapping cargo and ensuring the security and safety of your loads. It’s strong, lightweight and easy to use. It works well on heavy, shrinking and/or heavy loads. It works well on heavy, awkward-shaped loads.

Due to these characteristics, polyester or PET Strapping is becoming one of Australia’s favourite safe replacements for steel strapping, which can cause workplace injury.

As a trusted polyester strap supplier in Australia, X-Pak offers quality PET strapping that fits various industry needs. In addition to delivering high performance, but they also increase workplace safety.

Polyester also has the best tooling options available. PET Strapping can be joined either using serrated seals (manual option) or using one of our Titan Battery operated strapping tools (Automatic – melts strap together). Our PET Straps are manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards and have an embossed finish to enable greater grip with automatic tooling.

X-Pak is a highly reputable supplier of PET strapping in Australia. Our Polyester Strapping has a great elastic memory, is corrosion resistant and has high-cost saving compared to steel. Another important feature of polyester is that it is both made with recycled material and can be recycled, helping companies fulfil their environmental and cost objectives.

Common industries that benefit from PET include manufacturing, construction and mining applications.

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