Steel Strapping

Looking for trusted steel strapping suppliers? X-Pak provides high-quality steel strapping equipment for securing heavy loads during transport. Whether you are transporting products or equipment by land, sea or air, X-Pak has you covered with our high tensile steel strapping systems.

Our strapping is suitable for use with a wide range of products across multiple industries, providing trusted load-securing solutions to mining, transport, oil rigs and more. Steel strapping is a heavy-duty strapping option that is proven to perform well in the most demanding conditions – an ideal strapping solution for various Australian industries.

As a leading provider of steel strapping equipment, X-Pak delivers products that deliver high performance and withstand various demanding conditions. Our steel strapping systems and other solutions ensure that your cargo stays safe and secure during the entire operation – in loading, shipping and delivery.

Our premium steel strapping has been manufactured to the highest quality standards. We have a full range of steel strapping sizes and provide competitive pricing on bulk/skid buys.

Steel strapping can sometimes cause injuries during handling, which is why we provide options that are safe and easy to use. The X-Pak Steel Strapping has an industry leading break strain as well as smooth, rounded edges for extra safety. We deliver Australia wide and have a huge range of sizes (From 12 or 16mm standard strapping to heavy duty 32mm steel strapping).

Why Choose X-Pak?

X-Pak has built a reputation as Australia’s reputable steel strap suppliers for excellent service, knowledgeable specialists and free on-site consultations. Based in Tamworth, we have made our steel strapping products available in other major areas, namely Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Tasmania. If you prioritise quality, safety and cost-effectiveness, we are the company to call.

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