X-Pak Composite Cord Strapping

X-Pak is a leading provider of heavy-duty poly cord strapping, suitable for a wide range of load-securing applications. Commonly known as ‘Synthetic Steel’ the X-Pak Strapping is a high tensile polyester fibre with a UV Coating. Used in many industries Australia wide for a safe, strong and more cost effective alternative to steel strapping.

Unlike steel strapping, poly composite strapping is easy to use and will not recoil when cut. It has a unique structure, featuring parallel fibres that reinforce each other. These fibres help maintain even tension throughout your load and will hold together even if they are accidentally nicked during transport. This ensures that your load always remains safe and secure.

Its UV coating makes it completely weather resistant, ideal for the harsh climate of Australia. It will not weaken or become brittle, even when exposed to high levels of UV rays.

The X-Pak Strapping only requires one tool so is fast and easy to use. Joined with a heavy-duty galvanised buckle, your every load is safe with Australia’s safe and certified cord strapping system. Our strapping experts can visit your site to best determine what strapping will suit your application – just call us today.

Why Trust X-Pak?

X-Pak has quickly become the preferred cord strap supplier across Australia’s resource/project sectors while providing the local industry with heavy-duty and safe strapping products. If you are looking for a replacement for old steel strapping, we have the solution. Our dedicated team can lend their wealth of experience and knowledge to meet your composite strapping needs.

Alternative to Steel Strapping

Polyester is rigid with long tension retention, high strength and nick resistance. Due to its excellent recovery properties, it is often used as a safe and practical alternative to steel strapping in many industries. It provides the highest strength and greatest retained tension of all plastic strapping options, making it suitable for heavy loads requiring high initial tension and long tension retention during handling and storage. Its performance characteristics have motivated many steel strapping users to switch to composite polyester strap.

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