Strapping for Steel and Engineering industries

Published 13th June 2018

Strapping for Steel and Engineering industries

For many years, Steel Strapping has been used for bundling and palletising steel product in Australia. Steel comes in many forms. From bar and pipe to tube to heavy plate. It’s a common perception for many industries that Steel Strapping is the only product you can use to strap up steel! Here are some reasons why this is not always the case:

Send out painted product?

Painters, powder coaters and galvanisers often send out product that requires some form of protection from rust or scratching damage when using steel strapping. Common items used for this protection can vary from cardboard or plastic corner protectors to chunks of carpet or rubber! X-Pak Strapping comes in sizes from 16mm to 32mm and can have system strength of up to 2700Kg. Along with Poly Woven Strapping, it’s one of the only strapping systems on the market to have an equal or higher breaking point than steel. Why waste time spending cost on extra protective consumables when you can get a safe strapping product that won’t damage or mark your product – and is just as strong as steel!

Strapping on painted product

Strapping Pipe, Tube or Round Bundles

Tightly securing small, round bundles of steel or tube is a common challenge Australians face. Many strapping tools cause your strapping to become loose when removed from the bundle after tensioning. This is due to the surface area of the ‘foot plate’ on your tool taking up the valuable space needed for tensioning. When removed, this space causes the strap to become loose. The X-Pak Strapping system can be used with a round pack tensioner – engineered in Germany specifically for round packs and small bundles. Packs of pipe are also a tricky task as these generally have a much higher likelihood of settling in transport and becoming out of shape. This makes them an unstable load and dangerous on our roads. X-Pak strapping has optimum elongation and will therefore ‘pull in’ much more than steel strapping on loads that have settled or become loose in transport. There is also the ability to re-tension straps rather than having to re-strap them (as is the case with steel strapping).

Strapping for pipe, tube or round bundles

Securing heavy steel

Australia’s manufacturing, mining and offshore industries often require heavy steel parts and attachments for breakdowns, maintenance and refurbishment. Generally, these items are so large, they ae simply secured with ratchet straps to a truck or sent out in a custom made stillage. In some cases, ratchet straps are used as a strapping to secure the items as no steel banding has a high enough rating or is too cumbersome to use. Ratchet straps are also used to pack heavy items into shipping containers if the client is sending their product via sea. The X-Pak 32mm strapping has a system strength of 2700kg whilst our heavy lashing systems have up to 8500kg of system strength. Why spend $$$ on costly ratchet straps or chain when there is a certified securing method that’s easy to use and specifically designed for one way use on extra heavy items?


Strap steel with sharp edges?

Steel products that are shipped can often have sharp edges which can cut or wear through plastic type strapping. Plastic, woven or corded strapping is often a superior alternative to steel as its much safer. In saying this, users need to be wary of the items they are strapping. If there are sharp edges involved, the integrity of your strapping will be at risk due to potential wear or rubbing in transport. The simple solution to ensure your non-steel strapping creates just as secure a load steel is to use edge or corner protection. Not only do these protect your strapping from sharp edges but they provide less friction, meaning tighter straps and a more secure load!

Strapping steel with sharp edges

X-Pak is a team of load securing specialists. If you need strapping for any type of steel or engineered products, no matter how large or small, give the team a call. The team at X-Pak is passionate about providing quality strapping products across Australia to ensure our roads, seas and air is safe!