Synthetic Steel: The Advantages of Using Polyester Composite Strapping

Published 2nd November 2017

Synthetic Steel: The Advantages of Using Polyester Composite Strapping

If you are going to transport large bundles of bulky goods long distances, you most probably need to use straps to secure your goods. You have many types of strapping materials to choose from such as steel, polypropylene, nylon and more. Every strapping material has different characteristics that make one more suitable than the others depending on your transportation needs.

If you are looking for a tough strap to use, steel is one of the strongest types of strapping materials in the market. Although steel strapping has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. For instance, it has the potential to rust and stain cargo if left untreated. It can also cause injuries when it recoils from being cut due to a release of tension (stores energy).

Benefits of Poly Composite Cord Strapping

For an alternative to steel strapping, you might want to consider using polyester composite strapping. This cord strapping can absorb shocks and impact during transportation. It features a consistent tensile strength and excellent elasticity that prevents it from snapping when it’s stretched to secure goods. It is a more affordable option than purchasing steel straps since it is made of composite materials and only requires one tool.

When to Use Composite Cord Strapping

Composite strapping is used for goods that may expand, settle, or contract during transportation. If your load is sensitive to abrasion and will lose value if chipped or scratched, you should use polyester strapping since its material is not as hard as steel. If you have staff that is less experienced in applying or removing straps, polyester composite strapping is a safe choice since it does not recoil when cut.

X-Pak is a leading provider of high-quality polyester composite cord strapping that is suitable for a variety of load-securing applications. Our polyester strapping is coated with a UV resistant poly coating to prevent fibers from damage and to protect the straps from the harsh weather.

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