Timber dunnage or Dunnage bags to secure cargo inside my container?

Published 9th September 2020

Timber dunnage or Dunnage bags to secure cargo inside my container?

When comparing dunnage solutions, there are two key elements to take into consideration:

  1. Ensure the dunnage material used is certified or rated to ensure you have no product movement
  2. Do your best to make the dunnage solution simply, safe & easy to install

The X-Pak range of dunnage bags are manufactured to strict world-renown standards for safe working and burst pressure. One in every 10 of our Level 0 – 1 bags are pressure tested and every bag from Level 2 – 5 undergo a 19 day pressure test before leaving the factory.

While timber dunnage (Generally heat treated or ISPM 15 pine product) has been used in the Australian market for years, it’s time consuming and costly to install). Take a look at the advantages of dunnage bags vs timber dunnage

Advantages of using dunnage bags vs timber dunnage:

  • Compliant and properly rated/tested
  • Light and easy to install – Timber dunnage is often heavy and time consuming (using nails to secure to the container floor)
  • Cost effective, dunnage bags are cost effective to ship and can be re-used. They’re also lighter compared to timber dunnage
  • Fill various void widths – a dunnage bag will simply inflate to the exact width of a void, providing maximum cargo securement. Timber dunnage is a fixed size so there are often still voids in cargo.

Many still also use timber or plastic pallets to fill voids in containers. This is generally at the container doors or between pallets. Whilst this fills some of the void its unlike a dunnage bag and doesnt place any pressure on the cargo to prevent movement properly. Timber pallets as dunnage are also costly and heavy to install.

To ensure you comply with industry best-practice, give the team at X-Pak a call or send us images of your containers. We’ll come up with proper loading diagrams and ensure you use the correct form of dunnage to ensure load stability and teh safe arrival of your product at its destination.