X-Pak Strapping Tools

X-Pak is a leading provider of high-quality strapping and associated tools. Our heavy-duty systems can secure immense loads during transport, and are suitable for strapping down pallets, boxes and even irregularly shaped loads.

Looking for a high-quality strapping tool? X-Pak has you covered.

We offer a range of high-performance strapping tools suitable for use with a variety of straps. We have handheld strapping hand tools that are ideal for use with robust materials like steel and polyester.

X-Pak’s range of corded strapping tools is designed to streamline your processes and save you time and money. As one of Australasia’s largest supplies of cord strapping and associated tools, we can guarantee quality and durability, rewarding you with optimum performance and great value for money. Whether you need a light-duty tool for day-to-day use or a heavy-duty pneumatic tool for heavy container lashing, we have the solution.

Strapping Tools

Our strapping tool kits are constructed of heavy-duty materials, perfect for industrial applications.

Our standard tensioner tool is a lightweight, handheld option that offers great value for money. It can tension and cut cord straps all in one.

For high-volume users, we also offer heavy-duty tensioners with a tough cog for extreme tensioning. It has a full steel design and is an excellent choice for more demanding applications.

We also offer other tools to increase the efficiency of your strapping operations, including a corded strapping dispenser for holding and transporting materials, as well as a strap feeder rod for feeding straps through tight spaces, such as underneath a pallet.

We offer strapping tool kits for use with corded or steel strapping.

One-Way Lashing Tools

Get the perfect tension every time with our one-way lashing tools. Each tool is carefully engineered to apply even and precise tension to your lashing belts.

We have a range of lashing tensioners available, from standard lashing tools to heavy-duty ratchet tensioners for use with extremely heavy-duty applications.

We even provide pneumatic tensioners for clients working with a high volume of loads for transport. This air-operated tool can speed up the process considerably, improving efficiency and saving you money.

All our strapping tools are easy to operate and safe. Parts are replaceable and we can supply spares.

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