What is a good alternative to steel strapping?

Published 20th April 2017

What is a good alternative to steel strapping?

The X-Pak cord or composite strapping is the most popular replacement for steel strapping in Australia.

The main reasons for this are:

  • Safer to use
  • Very cheap to set up
  • Just as strong
  • Only one tool required

The team at X-Pak Global provide site demonstrations across Australia. Many common industries where the X-Pak reinforced strapping is used are:

  • Frames & Trusses
  • Building Materials
  • Timber Products
  • Mining parts and equipment
X-Pak is a quality, family owned business in Australia that specialises in strapping. If you are seeking an alternative to the steel but don’t want that high upfront expense of a battery strapping tool, the X-Pak Composite strapping system is the way to go!
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